5 years ranked inside top 3 GB Boccia players (2010)
GB Boccia Ambassador at the official launch day for Paralympics in 2012 (2009)
World Cup Gold Medallist, Boccia World Cup, May 2007, Canada (2007)
Part of the team ranked Number 1 in the World (2007-2009)
World Championship Bronze Medallist, World Boccia Championships, Brazil (2006)
Individual 6th Place, World Championships (2006)
Ranked in the World’s top 25 Boccia players (2006-2008)
European Silver Medallist, European Boccia Championships, June 2005, in Portugal (2005)



Awarded the Lisa Wilson Scholarship Prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement (2010)
Southampton Solent University Sports Person of the Year (2007)
Taylor Harrison Award for Commitment and Dedication to Sport (2005)
Outstanding Student Contribution Award as Student Governor, Treloar College (2005)
Sports Achievement Award For Alton Hampshire (2003)
Disability Sports Personality for Hampshire and Isle of Wight and Alton (2002)
The Ismaili Community Awards for Excellence in Sport (2002)


  Lisa Wilson Scholarship Prize



Lisa Wilson Scholarship Award for Academia

Southampton Solent University Talent Athlete Network Development Scholarship recipient



Key Note Speaker at the Lisa Wilson Scholarship Fundraising Dinner (2010)

Key Note Speaker at the Ismaili National Sports Festival at Keele University (2008)



Volunteer Captain, Ismaili Volunteer Corps Team, Southampton (2006 – date)
Involved in the delegation of tasks and responsibilities to team members, including the organising of rotas and equipment. Planning, organisation, effective communication and the ability to adapt to changing environments and pressurised situations have been an important part of this role. 
Charity Support (specifically 3rd and developing world) (2005 – date)


For the last five years I have participated in a variety of charity and agency events and activities to raise money and awareness of third world need.

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